Friday, February 13, 2015

13-February-2015 What a Lucky Friday

I can hardly believe that it's been so long from our last post. We are really enjoying the people here in West Africa, Ghana to be more specific. We are still working with two branches North East of Kumasi about 1 to 1 and 1/2 hours away. Agona and Mampong for all you Google Earthers.
We have set up Libraries in both buildings and Sister Barney (they call her Sista Bonny) is showing them the fine art of organizing and maintaining.
Both of us are now a year older, and for sure wiser.
This week, for our Birthdays, we and 3 other couples went on a trip to the Mole Game Reserve here in Ghana. It was a hoot. It was just like being here in Kumasi. The power kept going off, monkeys running around on the roof, lizards kept dashing through our room just to keep us on our toes. Oh well...It's Africa.

Enjoy the pics.

 This is the "Dry Season" and red dust gets on everything.

 This is one of our neighbors. She is somewhere in the 100+ range.
She has a son that lives in the same compound that is almost 80.
She is a real joy to (try) talk to.
 The Agona Library and the Librarian.
 Sister Barney applied for keyboards, through the "Harman Music Grant"
and we received 16 keyboards to distribute to members.
If they prove that they are progressing, the keyboards become theirs to keep.
There are some pretty excited youth in the branches.
 Sister Barney teaching Relief Society Sisters how to lead music in the 
shade of the old palm tree at the Techiman Chapel.
 This is sort of a mystery, it's an outhouse of sorts positioned over a ditch.
 Sister Barney asked me to cut up the cabbage, and lo and behold,
what pops out...a sort of slug looking thing. I threw the cabbage away
and Sister Barney told me to toughen up....She finds creatures in the 
vegetables all the time.
 Even our Victronox didn't cut through the little whelp.
 Sunset at the Mole Hotel
 This is the Safari Vehicle that we road around on.
The guide is on the rear with his trusty (rusty) 375 H&H
 We stopped to check out this old tusker that the 
local villagers have named "Peoples Friend"
 Hiding in the bush...can you spot him?
 Local warthog...
 I asked these three little girls to pose for a picture, 
and they closed their eyes. Tooo Cute.
 We passed out "Smarties" and some balloons.
They didn't know what to do with either.
But they soon figured it out.
 This is the most interesting bee hive I've ever seen. 
 A troop of "Baboons" in the side of the road.
They can be a nuisance. We watched a male harassing some
little school children. The ranger said that they have to dispatch
one every once and a while if they get too aggressive.
 Sister Barney pondering and writing in her journal at the old water hole.
 Speaking of water hole. The elephants are on frolic, 
and the crocodiles scatter.
I watched a small croc take a Guinea Fowl.
 You cant see me!!!!
 This is one of 9 young bulls in a small herd that we spotted
Zoomed out.