Wednesday, April 8, 2015

8-April-2015 Techiman, Ghana West Africa

We are still in Techiman. Life is a little bit slower here. The town was real easy to figure out. There are 3 missionary apartments. One with 4 Sisters and two with Elders, 4 in one and 6 in the other.
There are 3 chapels. The Dwunoh Branch, pronounced Jumo. The Krobo Branch, the Kenten Branch, and the Vatican Branch. The Kenten and Vatican both meet in the same building, at the same time????

Sister Barney has almost burned up her phone over the past week. She took over a hundred calls and texts in one day...

We have been able to do a couple of fun and educational service projects while here.
We helped at a "Helping Babies Breath" training course in Sunyani. Sunyani is one hour West of Techiman. The seminar lasted for 3 days. Day one was training the facilitators, day 2 and 3 was training the Midwifes that will be teaching in their own locations. The program was arranged by Elder and Sister Ferguson from the Church Humanitarian Services Organization. Elder Ferguson actually started Humanitarian Services several years ago. This experience was amazing, Sister Barney was right in her element. Teaching with love and excitement.

We were able to do some small things for a local Orphanage.

And in-between we have been able to see some cool sights.

Enjoy the Pics...

 Sister Barney and two Nurses from the US. One from Idaho Falls, and one from Primary Childrens Medical Center in Salt Lake.
 A group shot with the midwifes working from their tables
 The Fergusons
 Sister Barney facilitating....

 We visited a Monkey Sanctuary with all the missionaries in the Techiman Zone.
 All the Sister Missionaries .... Sister Barney is on the left   ;-)
 Some of the Elders doing what Elders usually do...
Not to be outdone by the monkeys!
 Mango's are everywhere, and they are about to hit the markets with a vengeance.
 These two pics are of a Cashew fruit. The nut is on the inside of the green
looking thing on the end. One fruit, one nut.
 We did try the fruit, its really sweet, but lots of pectin or alum.
It really makes you pucker.
 While retrieving cashew fruits, this tom came out to investigate.
 Sister Barney checking off some of her "Bucket List" items...
 And she is faster than a speeding bullet. Oh by the way, we hiked to the top of a large rock
to fulfill this particular quest. There are some pretty amazing sights here in Africa.
 This is the Kenten / Vatican chapel. We have the upstairs and the Muslims have the down stairs.
 Not sure what knocked over this little building, but there was
a really cool bench left over. The only problem is that if
you set for too long, your legs go numb.
 I've seen Seagulls, Rats, Mice, Dogs, and crows rummaging through a garbage dump
before, but never a heard of cattle.
 President and Sister Holmes stayed with us for a couple of days.
We always enjoy Sister Barneys home made pizza.
 This is our traveling grounds keeper.
 The Devers, the Humanitarian Couple in our Mission, arranged
for a bunch of cloths for a small Orphanage here in our neighborhood.
We were lucky to be able to deliver the cloths. The cloths came from a ward in the US.
 This is the largest super market in Techiman...
I say that with tongue in cheek.
But it is true.