Saturday, June 6, 2015

6 June 2015 And we're back!!

Good day!
It has been an exciting few weeks. But first I need to apologize for the space between posts. I honestly have been trying to get it done, but our internet connection has been extra bad the past few weeks. Even the mission home has been falling behind on official business because of it.

Sister Barney and I headed North again in anticipation of teaching in the Bongo community, but at the last minute it was canceled. We did get some things accomplished in Techiman and Tamale. I was able to have 4 new Melchizedek Priesthood brethren sustained,  and two 2nd councilors in two of the branches in Techiman. It is a marvelous thing watching the Gospel of Jesus Christ work in people's lives when they accept and live it.

We also made a quick trip to Accra with two missionaries in-tow so that one of them could receive testing for his eyes. One of our Nigerian Elders has been losing his vision and it's been a scramble to figure out what the problem is. It turned out to be some sort of trauma to the optic nerve. Only time will tell what the outcome will be.

Here are some pics:

 This is a cocoa pod cut open to reveal the beans inside.
 Our first sighting of a fuel tanker. We started noticing that most have the typical warning
stenciled on them, then we noticed they were getting creative. some would say
 And it has gone down hill from there.

 What more could you ask for to get you back on your feet
and pointed in the right direction.
 Sister Barney is into fonts, and this one is a major grate
on here nerves. "Crystal Rose" made out of rustic wood Bark? Really?

 Dried Plantain that is sold by street vendors everywhere.
It also comes in chips. Plantain looks like large bananas.
 Wow, I'm at a loss for words.

 We ordered a pizza at this outdoor shop and Sister Barney is keeping an eye on the chef.
We ended up having a great time with the entire staff, laughing and teasing.
One lady ended up on the ground she was laughing so hard.

 the pizza turned out great
 In the oven
 they build the fire on the side
 This is Comfort, our landlady, cooking in her half of our duplex. Indoor charcoal stove. That would explain the wood ashes that float in thru our ceiling when the wind blows.

 The stew she is making. It smells wonderful.

 We see this lady around the neighborhood, usually being
pushed by one of the children.
 This little girl is always at the little corner shop sweeping
and taking care of the dirty work.

 This little guy is carrying hot coals to his mothers chop bar
so she can get the food cooking. They share coals around the neighborhood.
 This is one of the largest open-air markets in Africa, and it right
here in Kumasi. It's called Adum.
 We are standing on the edge of a footbridge that spans the old railroad station
that has been taken over by the vendors.
 You can buy anything imaginable down there. 
We had to walk down for a closer look, but they don't like their 
picture taken. Too Bad.
 We are into the rainy season and things are really greening up.
The elephant grass gets to be 10 feet tall
 Who is that handsome dude??
 Lots of termite mounds around. They are as hard as cement.
Some are extremely tall.
 One time downtown, we hear sirens coming, and 5 or 6 vehicles pull up with one being a Rolls Royce. Military types push back the people and several people jump out and escort the Ashanti Chief into one of the shops.
 Techiman primary girl. She is sooo little and her mother got her to say, "Sister Barney" just as plain as can be. My heart melted. Sure miss my little ones at moments like this. SB
 And her big sister
 Making...guess primary.
 This is a new member. He was baptized about a month ago.
We gave him a new member pack which has a Bible, Triple, and several 
other lesson books and pamphlets in it.
He said it is the nicest thing anybody has ever done for him.
He has been reading and asking question ever since.

 And just when you were starting to feel sorry for us over here
without any of the "Modern Conveniences"
 A little cloud burst and things can get a little wild.

 This is a school that the Humanitarian department has provided a well
and storage tanks for. It was started by a little old lady and has grown to 840 students.
They were continually running out of water from their hand dug well,
 This is the cafateria
 This is the outdoor kitchen
 There were some funds left over from the well, so they were provided with
a library. The Devers had some shelves made, purchased some books, tables, chairs,
paint and so forth. The kids were so excited.
 This is one of the class rooms.
 The Devers (tall ones) and the school staff.
The lady that started it is in the center. She is 80+