Sunday, June 1, 2014

6/1/2014 Great Sunday

Well today is (Was) Fast Sunday and we attended church at the Waterloo Branch in Waterloo. It was a great Sacrament Meeting. The testimonies were fantastic. The branch Presidency almost could not stop the members from coming up to the podium. I took some pictures on the way to church and it does not do the area justice. It is simply magnificent. The morning sun was out, it had rained in the night, so it was cool (75) with a nice breeze. The boys on the Okadas (motorcycles) were even wearing hoodies. We could see and smell little trickles of smoke winding their way up through the trees as meals were being cooked. We even had to overt our eyes as we came upon morning bath / laundry parties. These people are completely at ease with their bodies.
Morning mist
 Down the valley to the North

 This is a pile of rocks that people make into little rocks with a hammer
or anything they can strike with. They get paid by the basket full.
 More small rocks ready to load up.

 We have to drive through this to get to the Mission Office 

 Mango Tree in one of the Missionaries yards

 This is cool... this guy is helping this little old lady across a busy street.
We see this all the time with the elderly, little school kids, and the handicapped.
As soon as they walk up to the side of the street, someone will help them, and the traffic will stop.
 This is a lady walking with a load of charcoal to sale for cooking
 Sister Barney will assist Sister Kargbo with her #2 coming delivery.
Sister Kargbo is the wife of the Branch President.
 The Kargbo's front door.
 Sister Kargbo and their almost 2 year old daughter
 The hill to their home is unbelievably steep.
 Kargbo's in the very center (brown)
 A zoom in.
 This is the Kossoh Town Chapel
 This is inside of the New Mission Office Apartment where the Barney's will
be moving in a couple of weeks.
 New Bedroom
 Old sign, but sort of catchy... don't you think?
This is the dinning area looking into the living room. Bowling anyone?
This is a typical "PodaPosa" sort of large taxi.
An interesting sign that has appeared in the past few weeks.


  1. so this ebola sign is a new thing, huh? that's comforting

  2. ive noticed that it is very red there. Kind of like being in southern utah

  3. Mangos look great! Ebola looks fun. You need a Mobius!