Monday, August 4, 2014

8/4/2014 OK... Can you spell EBOLA

Things are pretty wild here. As most of you have probably heard the "E" word on the news. It is a complicated affair here in Sierra Leone. I'll file a full report after all is in order. Here are some interesting pictures for your enjoyment. Just know that all of our missionaries are safe and their little tummies are full of PBJ sandwiches. And what ever else we can dream up.

 The other day we were driving along and there were crowds of people, tents,
lots of official cars, and lots of tinny trees. It was some sort of tree holiday and there were 
thousands of these little trees planted along the side of the road.
Look in the background..they could surely use a few more trees.
 We also noticed one of Sierra Leones finest posted about every 1/8 th
of a mile for several miles. Some were sporting AK's and this one was holding
a riot shield. ?? He was more than happy to pose for a snap.
 This is a staircase rising from the road to a home on the side of the hill.
At least they have a handrail.
 A beautiful canyon just off the road to Grafton.
It is so amazing here during the rainy season.
I wish you could see the water more clearly and smell the smells.
 This is one of the local laundromats. The poles are sometime loaded
with cloths and the stream is loaded with bathers or water trucks loading up.
 This is a small residence with a generator. I say that because of the little
antenna on top of the pole...squint, you'll see it. 
 We passed this family cooking their evening meal.
Sister Barney just had to stop and meet the neighbors.
 Mom and kids
 She is cooking a huge pot of rice for her family of 11
 They are so friendly. I really have grown to love these people.
 Sister Barney has decided to re-populate our compound with these little
critters. The white is shedding skin.
 They go dark when they are feeling stressed. As soon as we put them in
a bush or tree, they immediately turn various shades and patterns of green.
 This ones name is "Spot"
 See how green he has turned. The next morning, he was lime green with 
little yellow spots all over his body. They are not shy about eating in front of 
us right off the bat. It's impossible to get a pic because they are so fast.
 These vultures like the tree across the street. I've seen as many as 8
at a time setting and waiting for something, or just drying out.
 I wonder how they get their corn to grow so high and fast????
This is "Sahr Doe", he is President Ostlers counselor. He is a real asset to the mission.
It doesn't hurt at all that he's Vice President Doe's (of Sierra Leone) nephew.


  1. It took me awhile, but I now see the connection between the outhouse and the corn. lol.

  2. It's nice to see some normality. The news here makes everything seem out of control over there. I love you both so much. SL is lucky to have you :-)