Thursday, March 12, 2015

12-March-2015 Moved Again

This is and has always been part of our "MO", we were asked by President Holmes, the Mission President, to move to a small town named "Techiman" and help with training 4 missionaries being called as 2nd counselors in the 4 branches. I need to train them so they can train the Branch Presidencies how to properly run Branch Finances and hold Branch Councils. We moved here Tuesday and I start training tonight (Thursday), I'll have them sustained this Sunday in each of the Branches. That is going to be a little tricky as three of them start at the same time.
Here are some picture of our new diggs. Oh yes...and some more pics of the Pig in a Pit.

 Uncovering the beast.
 Notice all the banana leaves we used, instead of wet burlap.
Now I can say that I have used them.
 Stop drooling on the pig Elder Allen!
By the way all of that meat evaporated.
 Techiman Front Room.
Way too big for us.
 Bedroom. The house was set up for 4 bedrooms, each
with their own bathroom and a guest bathroom makes 5 bathrooms.
 Looking from the front door to the dinning room.
 The mission turned one bedroom into a kitchen.
 More kitchen.
 Bathroom off of the laundry room (bedroom) where the washer is planted.
 Looking out of the front door.
 Front security gate.
 Our Christmas tree.
 Front yard with the limo.
 Our very own Cocoa bush.
 Cocoa pods on the tree. They grow out of the trunk.
Notice all the little ones that are white.
 Every apartment has it's own poly tank to compensate for
sporadic local water supply

This is the best pic you'll see for a long time.
The gentleman with the white shirt and tie, member, is the grandson of the man in the chair.
The grandson is 76 years old. Yes I did say grandson. That puts the older gentleman at around 
116+.  The family claims that he is 135. 
It's hard to tell for sure because age means nothing to this culture.
By the way, the grandfather is being baptized next month.

The last word is from the mama. This morning Elder B and I went for our first walk in Techiman. We passed a woman carrying a stick and as we got closer noted she also had a  fruit bat in the other hand, its head a little bloody. Obviously she had been out on a morning "hunt". I asked if she was going to eat it and with a big smile she nodded and said "Yes!" 
                                 I guess she didn't get the memo that fruit bats can carry Ebola.                                                                           How much meat can be on a bat, anyway?                                           I absolutely love all of this! Never ending stories.

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