Friday, March 8, 2019

Wow Wow Wow.....If I only had time to do more. Sue and I have been on the run for the past two weeks. Oh, we did get to go with 2 other couples to the North Island Area for a little retreat. We stayed at the Silver Sands Village for two nights, The Tropical Lagoon Villa for one night, attended church in Port Maria on Sunday and drove home. We were with Elder & Sister Foisy and Elder & Sister McKenzie.
We have been busy teaching at the Sunbeam Home for Boys (45 boys ages 8 to 18) and two small Red Cross schools, one in May Pen (60 students) and one in Spanish Town (35 students). Sue is teaching her old standby curriculum, Hand Washing, First Aid and Hygiene. We'll teach 3 weeks in a row at each school.
Some of our family members from back home wanted to do a little service for the Sunbeam Boys Home, so we donated 50 pillows, 50 pillow cases, cups, silverware, plates, and a variety of balls, Frisbees', and educational puzzle books. Way to go Barneys and McKenzies.
The pillow cases are a story within themselves. We bought the cloth by the pound and paid a member from Kingston, Sister Richards, to sew them up for us. She did an excellent job.
In our spare time, we distributed out-dated Hygiene kits to two of the three "Mustard Seed" communities. They are compounds for the developmentally/physically handicapped. What an amazing program they have. It is sponsored by the Catholic Church.
Well gotta enjoy the pics.

Two of the Staffers at the Mustard Seed - Jacob's Ladder. There are three campuses
                                                                       in Jamaica. They call each by a unique name.                                                         This one is Jacob's Ladder, the others are called Our Father's House and Jerusalem.

View over Jacob's Ladder

                          Some recent expansion in the background and near is their cemetery where they sprinkle the ashes                                                     of the residence that pass while living among them. 

Green houses and rain water catch basin.

An amazing chapel at Jacob's Ladder that was donated by a couple in America.

Church in Port Maria which is held at the Library in the shade of a Mango Tree.

Self explanatory.

This is a small business that is owned by a member. The tent and chairs used for church are stored there.
The shop is barely on the edge of a fairly steep cliff.

Looking down from the shop to their house.

The Barneys enjoying a cruise on the Rio Grande near Port Antonio

Here are the adventure stinkers.
Foisys on the left, McKenzies middle, the homeless on the right.
Sunburn was enjoyed by all. 

The Foisys were on the other end of the camera. 

Lloyd Bridges and his fearless sidekick.
Snorkeling at Silver Sands.

The neighbors dog that hangs around our porch for handouts.
She had 9 pups and only raised 4. 

Sunbeam boys quickly placed their new pillows on their beds.

Stow away......

Future NBAers

They do like their new nurse....

Stuff for the Sunbeam Home

Pillows headed for the Sunbeam Boys Home

Pillow distribution.

They are sooo excited.

Fun educational books.

Teaching at the Sunbeam Boys Home.

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