Saturday, April 19, 2014

4/19/2014 Saturday

Well we had fun yesterday and today.
We finished Preach My Gospel training Friday at 3:15 and met with Lee, Pam, and Izaak McKenzie for a great dinner at the Sushi House. This morning we went through our bags and made sure they are OK as far as weight is concerned. 50 lbs per bag is the limit, or the airlines want your first born. We got our laundry done and hooked up with the Dunns at dinner, and they invited us to the BYU volleyball game with USC.
BYU wiped up of course. Then it was on to the "Ninth Street Creamery" for a little refreshment.
We are in our apartment now at 10:30.

Here are a few pics:
                                                     This was our district at the MTC
                                           Guess who...
                                           Freemans going to Martins Cove.
                                          Heiners going to Salem Oregon
                                           Nielsons going to North Carolina

                                   The Dunns and Sister Barney walking to our seats at the Game.
                                      BYU on the right and USC on the left. BYU smoked em...
                                        Sister Barney and the Dunns, who are headed to Russia.
              They are going to help us get our luggage up to the Marriott in Salt Lake, they are too kind.

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  1. BYU games! Man that would have been a nice reprieve from all the studying in my day! ~Max