Tuesday, April 29, 2014

4/29/2014 Sort of a tour

We were scheduled to go to 3 different Zone Meetings with a sister from Accra Ghana (Area Offices for West Africa). She is the Mental Health specialist for West Africa, but she was bumped off her flight, so now we'll try for next week.

So President and Sister Ostler and the Barneys checked out the Mission Offices and the new Mission Home that is scheduled to be done in May. I hope it's true. We will be getting a pretty nice move up in the neighborhood.

We met the Mission Home Elders and the Zone Leaders that live in part of the Mission Offices. They are really nice guys.

Elder Kanzler and I took a South African missionary to the sea coach so he can go home for a while to recoup from a medical issue. He'll be back...

Here are some pics for the day:

                                                                          Mission office
                               New Mission Home that is to be completed in May if all goes right!!
                                                            Ours will be bottom left half

                                                             Some local "lite" traffic
                                                  The "Sea Coach" during the day.
                                    This is where we got off in Freetown from the airport in Lungi
                                                      Anyone for a nice cool dip?
                                            Elder Melese and I at the dock. What a great guy.
                                         New construction, check out the scafolding... NOT ME
                Sisters Barney & Ostler selecting some fresh mangos and other fresh fruits and vegies
                                            Sister B. processing the new haul with bleach water.
                        This is the only golf course in Sierra Leone. Can you tell its the dry season?
                                                I exchanged $900 american for $4,050,000.00


  1. Fruit looks divine, water looks atrocious and you 2 look great!~ Max

  2. Have you gotten any of my comments

  3. We are so proud of you guys for doing this!! Keep the blog up. We are loving it. allmons

  4. Colon cancer,stage 4, aggressive, and Tia won't let the kids come. Bad day!

  5. I really enjoy the pictures. Keep them coming.