Saturday, May 3, 2014

5/2/2014 Settling In

The last couple of days have been good days. We hung out at the Mission Office and worked with the missionaries. Sister Barney saw a couple of Elders and Sisters professionally of course and that was rewarding for her. I ran around with the Kanzlers, the housing couple, and looked at some new and old apartments to resolve some issues. That was fun to see some of the other parts of the area.

Last night we ate out with Pres and Sister Ostler, Bro & Sister Kanzler. The restaurant is called the "Bliss", it was outdoor seating and all Lebanese food. It was really good.

Today is Saturday and we are going shopping with the Kanzlers. I'll be sure and take my camera.

Here are some pics from the past couple of days:

                                                             Sister Barney's Clinic
                                           Sister Barney's Pharmacy     You would be shocked at what I can dispense
                                                   This Elder fractured #4 metatarsal end.
                        This is the X-Ray results in Chinese (if anyone can interpret please let us know)
           Mission Secretaries... Elder Tucker (L) from Ucon Idaho & Elder Flament from England
                                        Morning garbage drop of nonburnable at the mission office.
                                        We burn everything else at the mission home burn barrel.
The joke is ...just can't bring ourselves to "litter", everyone else just throws their on the ground.                       So we haul ours to the mission home, put it in the barrel, and let the local help...throw it on the ground!
                                                                 Housing off of our road.
                          The neighbors pooch that likes to lounge on the deck railing in the mornings.
                              I suppose that he's surveying his domain. We have never seen a cat (Ever)
     Just a traffic shot...motorcycle in front of us, and one passing on the left. The motorcycles haul passengers           for a small fee. They are much faster than the PodaPodas (Taxi's that can be anything on wheels).

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  1. Looks like your all settled in. Sister B's got quite the set up, hopefully you guys don't need to dispense too much, but how fun. Deegan liked the picture of the "pooch", he said it was funny.