Wednesday, May 14, 2014

5/13/2014 Day of Wonder

This was a fun day! Sister Barney grabbed the bull by the horns and got behind the wheel of our mighty FJ and ventured down the road with all the other nuts. I must say, I was impressed. She has been a little apprehensive about driving, as I was, but she shined like a trooper.
We received 8 new missionaries today. 5 Africans, 2 from the states, and 1 Tongan. What an exciting time. I think its great rubbing shoulders with these fine young worriers (Warriors).
My first attempt I typed the word "worriers"...Freudian slip, perhaps. :)

Sister Barney here.
Just an interesting note about food and shopping. It is time consuming. You can find most things at the stores, but you may need to go to multiple stores to locate what you want and remember driving anywhere is challenging.
Also, real food is so expensive. How can that be??  A cake mix $5.  A 1# jar of peanut butter $6.  We looked at a box of bran- type cereal, $9.  We passed it up!  Dairy?? not so much. Butter about $3 for a small ,maybe 1/2# package.   Meat??? not so much. We have purchased a rotisserie-type chicken , pick it off the bones and freeze to make multiple meals. But it costs $10 and they are not big!
I have made some yummy things. And when I do we eat them for many days. The process takes forever.

There are literally mangoes everywhere, and they are cheap. At the place shown below I bought 6 for $1.  I also bought a cabbage. But then the fun begins.
Take the cabbage home, cut it apart, pull off every leaf. Wash with filtered water, place in a bleach bath using filtered water. Allow to set for 2 minutes. Rinse each leaf under running filtered water and place in bag to refrigerate. And then bless it before you eat it so you won't get "runny tummy".
Also today our generator went out for hours. I pulled bottles filled with ice from the freezer and placed them in the refrigerator so the food wouldn't spoil.  Am I having fun?  Yes

                        Roadside chef and fruit-stand (7-11) Sister Barney checking it out. Recognized                                               carrots,hot peppers and fish heads. It did smell good. They use lots of spices.

                                                        My companion with clinched jaw
                                           Now she's loving it... that makes me nervous
                  Elder and Sister Seader waiting to pick up New Missionaries from the Sea Coach
                                            Assistants having fun with the deck hands
                  President Ostler always the first one off, just like Mel Gibson in "We Were Soldiers"
                                          Who is that man behind those Foster Grants
                         This is a new hotel under construction across the street from the Sea Coach
                                               Check out the workers on the scaffolding
                                          8 Brand new Elders...don't it bring a tear to your eye
                                          Heading to the apartment above the Mission Office
                                          No your Mom wont be here to make your bed...
                                          Walking to the Stake Center from the Mission Office
                                                             In this job, the paperwork is first

                                          Making your own is fun and exciting...Get use to it!
                                                       Hillside across from the Mission Office
                                         Seems to be a work location for the taxi's in the area.
                                             Waiting for the big interview before the fire
                                                   Oh yes, and right here is where you'll be.


  1. Excellent posts and commentaries (DAD!) I can hear your voice when I read em. The fruits looked great, soup...not so much. Fish heads, not my thing. Mom must have her hands full with prepping the foods....What do the young missionaries do? As I look at the hillside picture you posted I cant help but imagine the sounds and smells. Great work you two.

  2. Are you guys moved to your new place?

  3. I love every bit of your blog! I want to know some of the little details... how does it smell there? Is it muggy, or a dry heat in those pictures? Are you able to communicate with the locals as easily as you thought? : ) I love you both sooo much! Kisses.

  4. So glad to see you guys are doing the Lord's work. I'm loving the posts and can't wait to hear more. Who is the stud with the clean shave :-) miss you guys. God Be With You Till We Meet Again.