Tuesday, May 6, 2014

5/5/2014 Super Zone Activity

Mondays are Preparation Day (P-Day) for the missionaries her in our mission. Its the day they get to do Cleaning of their apartments, laundry, shopping, and general preparations. But today is a Super Activity Day because it's the 6th week in the transfer cycle and transfers are next Monday. So the Missionaries in each Zone are allowed to all get together for one last activity together. The Kanzlers and the Barneys picked up food (Burgers) for the missionaries and delivered it to the beach where they are playing V-Ball and Soccer.

Here are a few pics:

                                                                    The Soccer stars
                                                              Four of our Sisters
                                                             Breaking for Hydration
                                                       The Kanzlers and some Elders
                                                                 The Volley Ballers
                                            And all under the watchful eye of the mission nurse
                                            And a local cart passing by...lots of these around
                                   A quick meeting with the Senior couples and President Ostler


  1. We enjoy the updates and pictures. You are looking good.thanks

  2. Looks like mother is watching over her flock. :-)