Monday, May 12, 2014

5/11/2014 A Trip To Bo

Last Thursday we took a trip to Bo for a double Zone Conference with the missionaries. President and Sister Ostler wanted to introduce the Barneys and Sister Barrett to the missionaries. The Barneys of course are medical support and Sister Barrett is the AMHA (Area Mental Health Advisor) located in Accra Ghana. We each got to do a small presentation and President Ostler talked about the new direction the mission is taking as far as teaching is concerned. This mission is one of the highest as far as baptisms are concerned, and Pres. Ostler wants the missionaries to concentrate on families and not so much on young singles. Families will be more helpful moving the church forward in the future.
After the Zone Conf. Sister Barney and Sister Barrett set up shop in different classrooms and talked to Elders and Sisters with needs. All in all, it was a really good conference.

Here are some pics from the trip:

                                                     A street near our apartment...4X4 only!
                                           These are like military police...Do as they say! We were told to
                              " Beware of the ones in red hats" I hear they shoot and ask questions after...
                                                             Side of the road near Bo
                  This is a broken truck. They pull and throw tufts of grass on the road like we use flashers.
                                                            This is the main chapel in Bo
             Sister Ostler and supplies for the, umbrellas, and of course MAIL.
                                                                    Inside the chapel
                                                     Mission nurse doing some inspiring
                                                                      More inspiring...

                                                            This is one of our closet neighbors
                      The neighbors family...Mom setting on ground, grandma in chair and children.
                                                               This is pure entertainment
                                                                            And this
                                   The local "Power Company" (I think) doing some line work.


  1. So good to read about the work you are doing. It looks like you are very needed there be safe and best wishes keeping you in our prayers jugs. Gae

  2. I think he probably was a legal voter for Obama.