Tuesday, May 20, 2014

5/19/2014 "P" Day

Today was preparation day "P-Day" and we did some shopping and sight seeing and luggage rescue for Elder and Sister Hymas who flew in last Friday without two of their bags, but miracle of miracles, they were notified by British Airways that they were found and were being held hostage in their building down town.

 The US Embassy from the peak
Children!!!! The Agama Lizard.  These are everywhere. 
                            ~   Orange head  ~ Black body ~  Grey tail ~ ~ Orange tip of tail ~                                           As we approached this lizard it scurried away to this rock and stopped quickly.
 If  you will notice it lined its colors up with those of the rock! It is so smart :) Oma
 A ship in the harbor
                                                  Park benches on top of Leicester Peak
                                                       Not certain it would hold my weight.                                                                                     Most Africans are very thin. I need a little more time in Africa.
 "If I had the wish of my heart"
 The US Embassy
 The US Embassy and the grounds around. 
They are building housing for the marines that are stationed there
in the top right of the pic.
 Looking NW from the peak towards the Aberdeen area.
If you look closely, you can see Florida..."NOT"
 Mister camo He is smart.
 My new African dress. Bought the fabric for a few dollars at an open market Showed Santos, the tailor, a          dress style I liked and he made up the pattern and  sewed the dress for 50,000 L ( $11.54.)
 Huge load of grass of some kind
 I guess she is trying to get some air with the plywood
 This is the Ironing board and Iron at the sewing shop
 Standard Plumbing "Sierra Leone Style"
They need Plumbers!...Tim?
 There were two "Seamsters" in this roadside shop.
Not to be confused with "Teamster or Seamstress"
 Seamster #1...notice the newer machine.
 A local carwash
 Same car/bike wash. The bikes are always getting washed
 This guy definitely has the right-of-way 
 He was waving at everyone as we passed
 Used parts store. Not a very good pic, but there are all kinds of
parts lying all over the ground, doors, hoods, engines, axles, etc.
 From the peak
 A building under construction near the Embassy.
Has been under construction for years, and probably will be when we go home.
Not even sure what it is.
From the peak looking at Freetown