Friday, September 5, 2014

5 September 2014 And the adventures keep coming

Well here we are, still in Ghana. We are a little hesitant to fully unpack. Not that we think we are moving, we are just a little gun-shy. We did finally get the rest of our luggage that we had to leave in Sierra Leone. Someone had fun going through our stuff. But we think most of it's here. I guess if we don't miss it now, it wasn't that important. We have learned that "Stuff is Just Stuff" and there are lots of things that are more important. We (the mission) have been receiving some e-mail from concerned parents about the spread of Ebola and the possibility of border closures. Believe-U-me that we are keeping a real close eye on the situation. If you are interested, Google "Ebola wiki 2014" there are some interesting articles from WHO, Doctors Without Borders, and CDC. I guess the consensus is that it has only just begun.
"What ever that means"
I think it's important to know that the members in Sierra Leone are carrying on with the work even without the missionaries. We received an e-mail from a friend that had 3 pictures attached from 3 different branches that each had close to a dozen baptisms just last week. "Congratulations and carry on Sierra Leone".
Ebola may rage, but the work will go forth!
Back to Kumasi, the work is really progressing here as well. Sister Barney had a cool "Missionary Moment" the other day. We have been tasked with finding medical facilities, again, as I mentioned. We visited a lab the other day, and the owner mentioned that they have a member of our church on staff, but he was not there at the time. A day or so later, he called and asked if he could come by and meet us. Sure...that would be great. He came over to the Mission Home with one of the managers of the lab to talk about what they have to offer and how we can access it. During the meeting, George the manager mentioned that he has read a few things about the Barney was on that like "White on Rice". We gave him some pamphlets and a Book of Mormon to read. He was seriously interested and promised to get started reading. It was a direct answer to our morning prayer. We asked for a Missionary Experience that day, and got it.
 Today we start with a "FUFU" party. FuFu is pounded Cassava Root.
First you boil it, then pound the heck out of it until it ends up like slippery mashed potatoes.
 Elders and Sisters of the Asokwa the FuFu party
 Pounding and pounding
 Too much pounding...
 Elder Preator giving it a go.
 View from the balcony
 This is the stew that is put on the FuFu.
It's made with tomato paste, chicken and/or fish, onions and spices.
 No, this is not something to eat. It's a dirty water filter. 
It goes in white and comes out....?
 This is gross... what is it?
Our water filter?!
 Kumasi Mission Home
There are falcons nesting on the ledge above the middle pillar.
 Neighbors cooking on the street in front of the Mission Home.
 Tomato Stew?
 One of the Mission Home neighbors.
She is 90, just like Grandma Grimm
 Inside a hotel in Tamale while touring medical facilities.
We stayed here one night.
 Same Hotel
 Baptismal font in Tamale
 Baptism in Mampong...check out the font.
This is a spectacular view from the chapel in Obuasi
Avocados in our front yard. They are the size of softballs.
Local market where we buy vegies.
Can anyone identify the prickly thing???
Street vendor cutting coconuts to sell. Wish you could see. He holds the coconut in his left hand, and whacks at it with a huge machete. Also note the fence to keep people off the median strip. That has got to go! Where do I go to file a complaint? 

To market To market...gigity jog
I think... or its someones pet.
Sister Barney waiting for her next patient at the Obuasi Chapel
We gave this young man (neighbor boy) 5 cidis, a Friend Magazine
and a piece of candy to clean up trash in front of our apartment.
He did a great job, and was excited to be paid. 
He said he wants to buy a football (soccer).
Pounding FuFu by the pros.
You smash my hand and your dead meat!
The neighbor again. She is too funny. Sister Barney  actually went back another day to just to get her smile. We got a video of her singing and dancing. It is priceless.


  1. I love that it looks like they cook in hub caps....

  2. You both look great, well, maybe a little pale compared to the locals!
    ~Max and Family

  3. The prickly thing is a bitter melon I believe did you like the song I sent today? You better check it out.

  4. We saw Jared twice last week. He has pretty good days and then days where he has bad nausea and dizziness. We hit two good days. He was sitting Indian style and beading something that he had finger woven earlier. It was beautiful. Lee and I took him the hard bound book that Lee put together of his life. We wanted him to proofread it and give us feedback. He and Kristy loved it. Whew! We will have copies made for Megan and Jonas.

  5. Yep, granny mck guessed it right. Bitter melon.