Saturday, September 27, 2014

27 September 2014 Has it Really Been That Long?

Saturday Morning... I can hardly believe that it's been 3 weeks from my last post. We are working hard to keep missionaries on their feet. We had one Elder (actually 6) but one that arrived from the MTC in Prove on a Friday morning, we oriented them all day and sent them out to their areas with their trainers. On Tuesday one of the new Elders came down with signs of Malaria??? He had never missed his prevention  medicine. Malaria is suppose to take 8 to 18 days to rear its ugly head after bitten by a bad mosquito. We sent him in to be tested, he was so weak that the clinic had to come out to him for a blood draw. "Positive" we were all scratching our heads over that one. I hope he doesn't tell his mom for awhile. We have had Asthma, Runny Tummy (diarrhea), Constipation, Nausea, Cuts, Bruises, Rashes, Fungus, Broken Teeth, Toilet Infection(?), Bleeding Gums, Ingrown Toenails, Home Sickness (?), Eye Infections, Colds, Flu, Dog Bites, Sprained Ankles, Broken Knuckle, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Spider Bites, Champion Bug Stings, insomnia, and a few that I cant talk about. Sister Barney is doing a great job. All the missionaries love her (especially me) and the Senior Couples appreciate here taking the calls in the middle of the night. One Elder even called at 4:am and said he "I can't sleep"..."what should I do" :-)   Our suggestion. Why not wake up everyone and have a  PARTY!

Here are some pictures of our apartment. I'll take you on the tour.
If I could figure out how to compress video clips, I'd attach some pretty cool dash-cam stuff.
If anyone knows how, let me know. They are .MOV format.

 Looking West on our street.
 Looking East on our street, and you guessed it..."Why did the chicken 
cross the street"? To get to the banana tree?  Or get away from the vulture that was sitting on that wall.
 The security fence and gate around the apartment.
 #3 N. Bosomtwe Frimpong St.
Kumasi, Ashanti, Ghana
 Just try to say that one! For you that use Google Earth.
 Front yard and our Avocado tree & porch
 Porch looking at front gate.
 Front door view of apartment
 Front door & stuff
 Dining area
 Small look at front door ???
 Kitchen and 1/2 laundry room.
 Master suite.
 Throne room
 More of the same
 Laundry room other 1/2
 Storage in laundry room
 Pantry under the stairs that go to the upper apartments
 Back door that goes the fast way to the Sisters apartment.
We rarely use this door.
 Spare bedroom for other couples that come in for meetings
when they need to stay for a night.
 Our new Toyota Hilux.
 Down the side of the building going towards the Sisters
Apartment. There are 4 Sisters staying here.
 Sisters Apartment
 Rear of our building. Remember the FuFu Party.
 A room that I'm afraid to enter.
 Notice the trough in the floor. ??
Our front porch.
I need to tell you a funny. We have a Church Provided generator at our apartment. It's for our apartment only. All of the Senior couples have one for when the power goes off. And it goes off a lot.
The other day, the power was off and I had started the gen. Sister Barney was on the computer
and I was reading. By the way, the gen. will only run the lights. (Its being replaced) and that's a whole other story. Well I notice a woman on our front porch. 
She keeps bending over doing something, and the gen. goes into labor mode. 
I watch her for a minute or so, then go to check out what she's doing. Well, she has a coffee pot plugged into our outside outlet heating her morning brew. She smiles, I smile and say "Good Morning" and go back in the apartment.

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  1. Looks fun glad you shared some power for a cup of joe. A doc I work with has 2 medical missions planed for next to S. America and one to Ghana.