Sunday, October 5, 2014

5 October 2014 Another Great Travel Sunday

Today was a great day.  We attended the Agona Branch just north of Kumasi about 30 miles. There are only 22 members in the branch, and it has only been organized since April. Sue and I get to do a lot of teaching from the handbook. The members are very excited to learn. It's amazing what the Gospel of Jesus Christ can do for the willing. 
We leave the apartment at around 7:15 am and don't usually get back until between 2 and 3.
We were able to listen to some of Conference with the computer. We can only listen. The net is too slow to watch video, and it's only hit and miss. Boy do I miss watching/attending conference.

Here are a few fun pics strictly for your entertainment...

 African Pringles...??  Pre-crushed ready to top a casserole. Won't buy those again!
 Local Honey Stand
 They have trough looking frames and supers.
 The honey is dark and wild tasting.
 How much can we get on the truck???
 They can unload faster than they load ;-)
 Peeling coconuts with a machete.
 Lady cooking across the street from the mission home
 Starting the fire...
 Tag Team chefs...
 Yep...those are fish in the basket.
 The missionaries eating at Zone Conference.
 The funny thing is...I'm really starting to enjoy rice!
 She always has.
 Zone Conference in Techiman at the senior couples apartment/house.
 Still Techiman...recognize anyone?
 Sacrament Service in Agona
 Agona Relief Society President...a one person show. 
 Notice the hooks through the pot handles. It's so she can stir the
pot and not spill the contents. "Banku"A fermented mixture of  cassava and cornmeal.
 Banana plants along the side of the road... 
 James Bond has gotten religion.
 A few of many... the sister missionaries love their shoes.
 I didn't think you'd advertise for a one star??
 A rose among thornes. I think ours looks so classy. It really does stand out in a crazy wild world.

How the little one got on the roof is anybody's guess.
But they were all in a panic.

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