Sunday, October 12, 2014

12-October-2014 Today is a Fun and Educational Day

It's Sunday the 12th of October...I guess you already noticed that...well it's been a great day so far.
We attended the Mampong Branch and enjoyed another round of teaching. Sister Barney is being used and abused more than I am. Today, after Sacrament Meeting, one of the branch sisters said the Relief Society leaders didn't president, no counselor, no instructor guess who got to be a one person RS Program ;-) All impromptu!!

Today's pics are from the past week. I kept my camera at the ready and  got some fun picture of the local flora, fauna, and other stuff.

 I talked about a "FuFu" party a while back. FuFu is boiled Cassava Root
that is pounded into a slippery gelatinous mass. This is a pic of the Cassava root.
Not Jumbo guano.
 This is one of the ladies by the Mission Home making kenkey 
A sort of cornmeal ball wrapped in corn husks. 
Put a gob of meat in the center and you'd have a tamale.
                                   They simply plop a large glob in a bowl of stew or tomato sauce,                         break off a piece with two fingers, dip and eat. 
 Wrapping it nice and tight...
 Finished Product. They are then steamed in a huge pot for many hours
 We ran to a local street vendor for some
Jollof  Rice and chicken for the Senior Couples.
And one look at me from the neighbor girl and instant 
 Sister Barney got her to calm down, and even laugh.
We were probably the first Obrunies  (white man) that
she had ever laid eyes on.
 This is the street vendor shop that we trust.
Generally speaking, we do NOT eat from street vendors.
 This little girl was cleaning around the eating area.
She was scraping this stuff up into little piles. 
 This lady is making rice balls from powdered rice...
Not sure what it's for. There was a small language barrier.
 Notice the feet on the hooks that hold the pot.
I thought the other lady invented this idea, I must have been wrong.
 OK...OK.. here is the lunch. 
The Preaters and the Devers are waiting with patience.
 This is one of the local butcher shops.
Notice the "Log Round" used for a butcher block.
And the fine cutlery.
 I never did figure out what they were cutting up,
but there was lots more in the cage the woman is looking at.
 Here in Ghana they have a cloth called Kente Cloth.
It's pronounced like the Roots Movie Star "Kunta Kinte"
 These  young apprentice weavers are hard at it on the loom.
The main foundation threads stretch out for 50 feet or so and are 
anchored down with big rocks. As they weave, the rock is dragged
along as they roll up the cloth on the stick on their laps.
It's a tension system that's fairly unique.
 This is a Chapel just south of Kumasi.
It's one of the more personable buildings.
 Looking at the podium.
                       This view is from the chapel looking up towards the Sacrament table...                              notice anything unusual about this picture?
If you find it, I'll bring you something from Africa!!
 This is the road to Mampong.
I just know Tarzan lives on that mountain.
 What do you think?
 Local Cemetery on the side of the road
 Not sure if they are underground or on top...I'll
check and let you know.
 We spotted this sign and had to stop and investigate.
There is a trail leading off into the bush...
 And here is the temple. They are taking advantage
of the fence around the cell tower. Or maybe they have their 
own TV/Radio station.
 Moving Day... We spotted this truck along the
highway and lo and behold what pops its little head
out of the back.
 You guessed it. The family goat. Notice the greens
stuck in the propane tank. I assume they were there to 
keep him happy. Anyway, he did take a bite now and then.
 This person was asleep on the top of a head-gate with
a fairly large stream right behind him.
I'd jerk in my sleep and end up going for a swim.
 These women are really hard workers. This lady is
carrying probably 60 or 70 lbs of Plantain (Banana Family)
And just when you thought all was lost for us. Just when you
were feeling bad that we have a really hard time finding a decent
grocery store, Lo and Behold....


  1. Urinal. I'll take one animal artifact.

  2. I guessed it too but max is faster on the trigger. that's hilarious! love you!