Monday, October 27, 2014

26-Oct-2014 We earned our money today!!

It's Sunday afternoon and we have a pretty sick Elder on our couch. A screaming case of Malaria.
When they do the Blood Smear for the test, they give you the results with a + behind it.
Malaria is a tiny parasite that invades the red blood cells and causes them to burst. A one plus (+) means 25% of the blood cells have been damaged/destroyed, a (++) means 50% and so forth. This Elder had (+++) and is he ever feeling punk. We have brought him to our apartment to keep a close eye on him. We just got back from the University Hospital for more testing. Scanned the results to the Area Medical Adviser in Accra. Now we are really pushing fluids.

While traveling about the countryside the past few days, we were able to stop at a few fabric stores.
No...not "JoAnns" or "The Cotton Barn" or "Wal-Mart" ....just fabric stores.
These are the places where it is all taken care of while you wait, or, place your order and come back in a day or two. Customer service is "King".

Sister Barney negotiates with the owner/manager while I 
check out the factory floor where the work is done.
Check out the fabrics on the wall.
One of the seamstress working at her machine while her assistant
in the basket is doing the pressing.
 They take raw material and stamp it with designs dipped in hot wax,
then they dip the cloth in the dye of the day, boil out the wax that keeps
the dye from absorbing, and you have a finished product.  "Batik"
 The wax is in the bowl on the ground.

 Another pic of the seamstresses.

 Now we move on the a "Tie & Dye" factory
 Isle no. 4
 Dying location
 Isle two
 Dying pots again...notice the colors

 Not sure who works here, or who is curious.
Sister Barney feels like the "Pied Piper".
The young man in the blue shirt is packing our selections.
 Here is how you blow the whistle for service.
 Folded material being dipped for coloring
 This young girl had a pot of dried corn.
It was full of corn and some sort of crawley things.
The kids said they were "Animals".

 Finally a sales clerk
 A few negotiations and special orders.
 Small bundles out of the pot with dye on one side.
Now they are going to change color for the next dipping
 That was hard work. Everyone needs a break in the shade
 This pic is just for the kids.
Every once and a while we spot a pet that is in control.
This monkey is at the entrance to a Chinese Restaurant that we tried out.
 He is tethered to the bottom of a tree that he sleeps in at night
We passed crowd after crowd jamed into small cafes.
Turns out that they are watching a "Football Game" (Soccer)
Every now and then we would hear a mighty cheer rise from the crowds.
I think Ghana finally won a game.

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  1. Looks very intriguing. I sure home you don't get too attached...we want ya back some day.