Sunday, November 16, 2014

16-November-2014 "Fall is a great time of the year"

Can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving... I love the fall with the change in weather and trees. There is none of that here. The days here all feel the same. It goes up to about 85+ during the day and drops clear down to 79 or so at night. The sun comes up at around 6:am and goes out of sight at around 6:pm year around. Also we have noticed that the water in the toilet bowl circles in both directions (not at once). We have spotted a few things that have reminded us of home. You'll have to check out the pictures. We have had two more Elders with malaria, an almost appendix, possibly a bad gallbladder cooking as we speak, and a few normal allergies and colds. We have put on a few miles visiting the sick and afflicted and Sue has been hopping with the charting. We are also in charge of apartment inspections, and that's a real treat. For the most part, the missionaries do quite well with their cleaning and care of things. Once and a while we run into a mess, but they are few and far between. Sister Barney always bakes something for a reward if there is improvement.

 This is "Faustia" the vegetable and fruit lady that we frequently buy from.
She is all so friendly, and loves to tease.
 I took this for Joe, The first we have seen in 7 months. 
Were not sure what they are for, because nobody can give directions
well enough to get them where they would be of use.
 We and the other couples are trying out an Italian place called L'italy.
The food was OK... a little pricey, but the ice cream is really yummy.

 These are local "Apples" as we are told. They are really sweet, slimmy, and have big black seeds.
All in all they are not too bad once you get by the slimy feeling.
 Our new pantry that we bought on the street for about $60 American.
We kept all of our extras on a shelf and that didn't work so well., 
 Not quite a years supply.
 Some tidy elders enjoying cinnamon rolls because they
keep a clean and tidy apartment.
 This is Elder and Sister Preator from Cody WY.
They are the office couple.
 Check this out... there is even a choice... decorated large, or a plain small.
They are the only two we have seen.
 Chinese Date Honey... I'm not sure if you give it to your sweetheart
before the movies, or if the bees only like dates.
 More honey that is a lot lighter than we usually find here in West Africa.
These were found at an oriental store here in Kumasi.
 I think this is a leg from some sort of bird. Can you imagine eating chicken leg from a bag that has traveled on a slow boat and then sat on a shelf in a hot store forever?
 Speaking of birds, we spotted these on the way to Mampong
this morning. Every little sound and they went off in  a gobble.
If they only knew that Turkey day is only 2 weeks away!
 Hay "Pretty Lady"
 Fall is always for farmers, here is the local MF dealership.
 A few posts ago I showed a picture of some nice ladies that
were peddling pots on the side of the road. Today we noticed that they were all smashed.
Not sure what happened, a car, a truck, taxi, or unsatisfied customer but what a mess.
Last but not least, here is a picture for the Hornes in Nampa

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