Wednesday, November 26, 2014

26-November-2014 An African Thanksgiving

An African Thanksgiving...
A Thanksgiving  in Africa will be unlike any other and we are so excited to experience it.  We realize we will never pass this way again and so we don't want to miss this!   
It will be different and we are just fine with that. 
Without all of the usual festivities  and busyness of food and family we will be able to ponder on what we are really grateful for and what the Lord has done for us. 
We do miss all of you. We do miss America, land that we love.  And  we know that this time away from those things has given us the opportunity to deepen our gratefulness and appreciation and love for them.
But everyday here in Africa we have so many experiences that make our hearts swell with gratitude.

We are grateful for...
beautiful children that allow us to hug them when we are missing ours. 

 the humble hearts and willingness of those we are attempting to teach.

 sweet Sister Missionaries in our backyard that are teaching us about local traditions, like pounding fufu, and whose angelic singing carries through our kitchen window bringing us such joy.

 the many colors and varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables.

 Great  missionaries who humbly take correction and still smile at us. 

all of the startling  things  we see each day that  create in us a sense of wonder and awe, 
not unlike a child seeing Christmas for the first time!

 Africa and all its beauty that  causes us to pause and reminds us of 
where we are and what we are about.
 simple, sporadic electricity and 
 cool filtered water to quench our thirst, 

 and air conditioning,

our bragging wall and the  memories of family it stirs within us.

We certainly hope you all have a Great Thanksgiving!

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