Friday, December 26, 2014

26-Dec-2014 The Day after Christmas

WOW...This will be a Christmas to remember. First of all, it's 88 deg with 90% humidity.
The traffic is unbelievable. The people are "Super Friendly and Grateful" for what they have and receive. Christmas in West Africa is much different from what we are use to. Not a lot of commercialization. There is sporadic fireworks at all hours of the day and night. Not big displays, but mall "single player" outbursts. They have huge roman-candles that sound like M-80 fire crackers. So every now and then we hear a "Boom-Boom-Boom" for about 10 in a row. I wish I could get some of them home for the grand kids.... They also like to spend time with family. Hence all the traffic.
We talked to a wood carver that we met, and he said that he likes to go around his neighborhood and give useful "Hampers" to the old and needy. A "Hamper" is sort of like an Easter basket in America, it has rice, oil, fish, tomato past, etc in it that they can use for a good meal. Now that's the "Spirit of Christmas" in my book. I think we Americans need a small lesson from them.
We rounded up some of the other mission couples and regular missionaries and went to a Rehabilitation Center that Elder and Sister Dever, the humanitarian couple, are working with to get a functional septic system and well in place. The whole experience was great for us all. The students and staff had fun providing us with music and dance. All of us missionaries had fun interacting with them and showing them "Luke II" for Christmas. I'm going to try and attach a short clip of the party.
Well enjoy these pics and have a Great New Year...

 We visited a gentleman that makes "TieDie" fabric and in his absence,
the grandmother of the clan takes the money.
 While there Sister Barney found a friend.
 Elder Dever  takes a few "Snaps" and then shows them to the kids.
A big hit, as you can see.

 A Zone party on the Monday B4 Christmas. We got to attend two.
 This poor guy lost the top of his foot when he hit a taxi
while riding a motor cycle in flipflops.  We could count
all of the tendons to his toes. Nasty....
 After closing in the back of this vans window with metal, I cant
figure out the reason for leaving the wiper in tact????
 Some of Ghana's finest waiting for the call.
 We spotted this tracked hoe on it's side on the side of the road. A few days later
we passed again and it's all in pieces. Not sure if they take them apart and re-assemble
it in another location or what's going on?
 A few days later, the engine is gone and the rest has been burned.
 Here you go John Deere lovers... I found a dealership.
 A clean (semi-clean) one owner.
 Starting the Christmas baking...I get to open a couple a dozen
"laughing cow" type things so we can have enough for baking.
 The 5 star baker at work.
 Yes she IS cute.
 The finished product... 7 total for friends.
 Wrapping gifts for some of the missionaries that we we work with frequently. 
 We are in the mission office making some "He is the Gift" cards to pass out
to the neighbors that we see frequently.
 Laminating for a lasting gift.
 Two of our Elders in Agona. They were so excited. We make them
promise not to open until Christmas morning.
I think they waited!?
 This is the Mampong Chapel.
The second floor of this business is rented and converted for church.
 Sister Barney teaching one of the Sister Missionaries how to bake.
 Breakfast at Elder and Sister Preator's with the Dever's and Holmes'
 Se the Preator's have a tree and nativity.
No Christmas should be without one.
 This poor Elder was knocked down by a little bug called Typhoid.
Trust never want it.
 104.5 and feeling terrible.
 This is John, the lab guy, we ended up placing 4 Book of Mormons
and talking to John, Dr. Ekow, and two nurses for a couple of hours.
John and the Dr. said they were coming to church Sunday.
 This little cutie was helping some older siblings carry water at the hospital.
 This is "Harmattan Winds" season. It looks like fog at times.
 Here is a pic of some "Hampers" on the side of the road.
 I know just how the turkey in the middle feels.
 Guinea Fowl and chickens waiting for their turn in the pot.
 This is a little place that makes great cheeseburgers.
For West Africa that is.
Typical side street here in Kumasi


  1. Excellent pictures and annotations. Keep it coming. I take it no video?

  2. what was going into his IV? Gatorade? :)

  3. Great post! That little girl holding the water was adorable. It sounds like you are really falling in love with these people. October is probably coming too fast.