Tuesday, January 13, 2015

13-January-2015 Bushmeat and other treats...

All I can say is - Good day...
We have been traveling all over the mission at the bidding of President Holmes. We have got all the missionaries back on their feet and out contacting and teaching those that have been prepared to hear the Gospel.
We do have some annual problems that are somewhat annoying. Now that we are in the middle of the dry season, and I do mean "DRY", we have lots of stuffy noses and allergy things attacking some of us. We are hearing lots of --"Sister Barney...I think I'm going to die" "Whats the matter Elder?" "My nose is stuffy"...  "Take two Tylenol and call me in a month or so".
It is most interesting listening to the "What's wrong" conversations. I'm waiting with great anticipation for the "Book" to be released that will contain some of these wild descriptions of illnesses. It really is entertaining.

Here are a few pictures of some roadside "bush-meat" marketeers and their wares.
As we drive around the roads of Ghana, we see these, mostly young men, stand on the side of the read and hold up the days catch in hopes that someone will stop and buy. I'm still looking for the "Prize of all Prizes" dried Fruit Bats.

Well enjoy:

 Guess what this young man has?
 I hope he has a large cat.
 This proud hunter is displaying what they call a "Grass Cutter"
they are a close relative of the "Rockchuck" it looks like to me.
 He is getting a little miffed because the competition
has arrived with a sort of Armadillo looking thing.
 It does not take long to gather a crowd. Even way out in the bush
they seem to appear from out of nowhere. 
 Oh yes...an even bigger one.
 I think I'll try my hand in the "Bush-Meat" trade.
 Not sure, but I think this is the scrub area for surgery...
 This is the entire dispensary for the little hospital that we are visiting.
 We had an Elder go to a OB clinic because he
thought he had Malaria. A 5 min test and an IV of ringers and
he leaves with a bag containing something for anything he might come down with
for the next few months.
 These are the first flowers I've seen decorating a chapel
here in the mission. Yes they are plastic. It is the "DRY" season.
 Relief society room before Sister Barney...
 Relief Society room after Sister Barney
 Class room in Mampong
 Primary room in Mampong
 This is a "Double-Bar" hospital...I think.
 In a small village called Gyamase.
 Quite the drive to deliver two Elders to an investigators house.
 We just came from where???
Remember the track hoe that was broken down on the side of the road???
All that's left is the cab, bucket, and counter-weight.
My question is...where did it go?


  1. Love the animals. I think you can eat armadillo---tastes like chicken!

  2. PS....See if you can find a giant Ghana snail....